Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from Gail Louise Schmidt in 1950!

It's December 25th! Merry Christmas! Hope family time is swell and all.  What a great time of year–relaxation, reflection, love for fellow humans, and obviously oodles of loot.  But as we all celebrate good times and a good year, I wanted to post this absolutely incredible piece of heartwarming, tearjerking Americana.  I found these in a dresser that I picked up at an estate sale this summer (they were hiding under the paper lining in the drawers!)  This is the holiday calendar and a note to Santa that a young girl, Gail Louise Schmidt, wrote in 1950!  This is the real deal–read the letter if you can, it's totally worth it. Doubt she ever thought her holiday calendar would end up here, let alone now.

62 years later and I think we can still learn a lot from a wonderfully endearing girl. Happy holidays!

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