Friday, December 16, 2011

Eruditties and Critical Nothings

Well, the semester is over. Arts have been liberally applied, studies have been crammed, actual knowledge has obviously been forgotten in a fit of academic entropy. Time seems to pass at horrific rates. It's in this watery-eyed wistfulness that I've gone back through my notebooks and scanned in some of the more interesting "notes" that I've generated this semester. The classes which served as the impetus for these were "Ulysses" (yes, it's a semester spent on one book) and Aesthetic Negativity (don't ask me to tell you what that means. It was a class about German critical theory. And, like, stuff). This style of "notetaking' really arose out of the need to look busy at all times in these classes, surrounded by such eager students of arcane ditties. But let's get real: they're erudite doodles. Check out some of my favorites after the jump. Come back tomorrow for a fresh dose of sociological dissertation on how screwed up our generation is.

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